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Receive A Free $100 Gift Card

You are invited to a one-on-one consultation regarding your retirement money situation.  Your time is valuable, so you will receive a complimentary $100 Gift Card when you complete our meeting.
Your choice of Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden or Red Lobster Gift Cards!
Go to the restaurant of YOUR choice with the people you CHOOSE instead of a public seminar to learn how to improve your financial situation!
This is a no obligation meeting and Jim Salling may tell you that:
  • You are fine where you are and to stay put.
  • You are in financial products from which it is next to impossible to gracefully exit and you HAVE to stay where you are.
  • You are an ideal candidate for: 1) Protection from market declines, 2) A reasonable rate of return, 3) Simplicity, so you will understand your money and 4) You can eliminate paying management fees even when you lose money!
Note: This offer is only valid to new prospective clients who have not previously taken advantage of this offer.  To qualify for this offer, you must provide statements proving at least $100,000 in financial assets not including real estate, livestock, collectibles, precious metals, money supposedly in Social Security or in annuitized annuities.  If married, both spouses must attend the consultation to be held in my office conference room at 305 W. Woodard St., Denison, TX 75020.
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